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Default Max Wertheimer and Gestalt Theory

I recall that in the past this forum has discussed the relationship between Gestalt psychology and Gestalt psychotherapy on various occasions to some extent. So it might be of interest to the readers of this forum that a tremendously important new book about Gestalt psychology founder Max Wertheimer has just been released:

D. Brett King, Michael Wertheimer (2005): Max Wertheimer & Gestalt Theory. Transaction Publishers, New Brunswick (U.S.A.) and London (U.K.). ISBN 0-7658-0258-9

This book covers in detail Max Wertheimer's life and work, and the impact of his thinking in a wide range of diciplines, including psychology, psychotherapy, anthropology, art, biology, chemistry, the cinema, economics, education, industry, mathematics, music,
philosophy, physics, and sociology.

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