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Default Re: Language Fluency

That was kind of what I meant about having a spouse translate, in that things can be selectively translated, altered or omitted for whatever reason. But I agree that whole situation makes for some sketchy ethical issues.

chalk up one more reason I'm glad to be done with agency counseling! (hopefully)

And thanks for the plug!

Originally Posted by William Reid View Post
Not sure exactly what you mean, but I think that having a spouse translate in couples' or family therapy is generally very sticky. The nefarious possibilities are probably rare, but very commonly -- and sometimes only semiconsciously -- one spouse would mistranslate, selectively translate, insert or omit nuances, or otherwise shape what the therapist hears.

Gauging is correct. Have confidence in your first impression. :-)

BTW, and off the subject: do readers know that sk8rgrl23 is also an artist and does great pet portraits? Send her a private message and she might tell you more about that.
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