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Default Re: Relationship with mother leaves its mark on the brain

I've been led to read some of the stuff on the neurobiology of attachment too... Fairly interesting. There is some stuff on the attachment styles of infants (secure, disorganised etc) and the neurobiology of those attachment styles. Kind of psychodynamic theory gone scientific.

It is especially relevant to developmental explanations of personality disorders. Borderline Personalilty Disorder, for example, had been characterised as a disorder of emotion regulation, and also as a disorder of attachment. I read something the other day on theory of mind and mentalization and about how when the attachment system is activated theory of mind / ability to mentalize seems to go out the window for these people.

One notion is that teaching the ability to mentalize while the attachment system is activated is the 'active' ingredient in mentalization, interpersonal, schema, dialectical behaviour, transference, and cognitive based treatments.

(i'm really sorry but i couldn't find free access so unfortunately you need individual / institutional subscription to access)

Journal of Clinical Psychology, Special Issue: Putative Mechanisms of Action in the Psychotherapy Treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder.

See in particular:

Mechanisms of change in mentalization-based treatment of BPD (p 411-430)
Peter Fonagy, Anthony W. Bateman
Published Online: 9 Feb 2006

Available from the above link.
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