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Default Re: Damasios: Professors of Creativity

MM: My real interest is in understanding how inputs such as instinct, belief and reason participate in human behavior decisions - especially, to explain my suspicion that we use d) above [“inductive reasoning” and “what if questions” although “instincts, beliefs, etc. may be emotionally urging a different response”], far less than we think we do.
I’d agree that your “suspicion” is almost certainly the case for most. And even for those of us who have some appreciation for the primacy of emotion, and that have developed at least some aptitude for discerning truth/reality from belief/emotion, it is an ongoing struggle—downward causation—human freewill and moral responsibility—is not easy . . . isn’t it amazing how close our POVs seem to be, and yet you allow your emotions and competitiveness to blind you to that reality?
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