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Default CBT and psychoses

Maybe there are some previous references in this forum but I wonder who could help me with a good reference or source on the empirical status of CBT with psychotic conditions. I ask this specifically in relation to a consultation about a 30 yr old woman who three months ago had given birth to a healthy baby and who- suddenly- three months after the birth became psychotic: she hears voices, is delusional and paranoid, has fears of hurting her baby and has ideas or voices telling her to commit suicide. She has never been psychotic or depressed before although over the years she became somewhat more isolated from a social point of view. But untill 3 months after birth she functioned quite well in her academic life ( working on a Ph.D). She is now hospitalised and on anti-psychotic medication. She is not allowed to see or feed her baby.
Has CBT anything to offer in terms of treating her? What does the litterature or anyone's experience say?
Thanks for any useful information
Joop Meijers Ph.D
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