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Default Re: Abuse of curbside consultation

You might not be covered on HIPAA, but it seems that some information came out, that you were not prepared to come out in so far as the other doctor revealed something you had said.

If you had been covered on HIPAA then the other doctor was clearly able to identify the patient, whether or not that was your intention. IE a breach happened.

As far as discussing stuff in the lounge, it is a larger open area with many people talking. Someone can accidentally hear something about someone they know, and a breach has happened.

It is disrespectful and dehumanizing to use the lounge format to discuss patients. It makes me sick to my stomach to think it is regularly happening. Hopefully you are inaccurate about that.

It also seems you are exclusively focused on what the other doctor might have done wrong, without taking any responsibility for the fact that you opened your mouth and went blabbering to begin with.

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