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Default What Inhibits People From Participating Here


I'm interested in your opinion about why these types of Forums attract so little active participation by the 'readers' (I've always thought the word 'lurkers' is kind of an ugly term!!). I'm involved in two other professional forums and the problems are the same. I've wondered if somehow many people think that posting is somehow connected with one being an 'authority', and that this inhibits people from thinking they have something meaningful to say. "Urgings" don't seem to work, and even when people have to pay (one of these other forums charge a 45 dollar annual fee) the participation level is no better than it is on BOL. I've watched these Forums struggle with adding new 'topics' thinking the issue had to do with interest and motivation, but that works no better. And yet, at BOL, the interest level is relatively high, just the participation is not!

I was interested in both what you think and if anyone has taken a 'research orientation' toward this topic.


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