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Question Dreikursian to Classical Patient Transition

Dreikurs to Classical Transition help:
My initial training in Adlerian psychology almost 15 years ago was done through a Chicago associate professor. I have been training in Classical Adlerian psychology with Henry Stein for about 2 years now and I sure appreciate the greater depth and insight of the classical understanding. The problem I am having is that I have "long term patients" who started working with me during my "Chicago School" period. Although I could usually see the "basic mistakes" I had no understanding of how to assist them to correct these long term wrong direction goals. Has anyone else trained "Chicago School" and made the transition to "Classical Adlerian Psychology"? If there are those out there who have or are doing this, how do we share these better tools with these long term clients? I am finding it really hard to get these folks moving when I had not worked with any notion that the life style could be dissolved. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
George Neeson M.D.
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