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Default Re: Anesthesia Awareness


While I don't have experience with this, I also agree that it would most likely help.

I also wanted to add that Sandra's comment that you may experience the EMDR as if under partial sedation may be right on target - I have on a number of times used EMDR with women, targetting sexual assaults that involved rape drugs, and they do frequently have at least moments during the EMDR where they feel partially sedated and sometimes even appear as though they are about to lose consciousness. The same has sometimes been true of women who were assaulted during their sleep and woke up during the assault.

I haven't had anyone actually lose consciousness so much as feel and look as though they might, and relive the sleepiness and "in and out" nature of their awareness at the time of the trauma. Not everyone has this type of experience but some people do, so it's good to be aware of it beforehand as it may help with your understanding of what is going on if you do experience something like this.

Take care & good luck with it,

Carol Ann
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