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Exclamation Re: Psychiatry Turning to Drug Therapy

In Canada it appears to me that many psychiatrists are not trained to correct the patient's mistakes. Their training has to do with DSM diagnostic resolution of the observed problem. The core argument central to current psychiatric practice is that genetically determined neurotransmitter anomalies are total and sufficient causes of the distresses observed. Therapists more generally accept the notion that the patient's view of world, self and others mediate the nature and release of the transmitters that control affect and thought. It seems to be a causality problem in that psychiatrists too often are trained to ignore the patients conscious and unconscious will to create feelings. What I conclude about modern psychiatry, is that it is much too mechanistic. I also feel it has not subjected its beliefs to the tests of good, hard science, but rather runs with testable, yet still untested assumptions.
There also seems to be too much financial and corporate business pressure for quick and less satisfactory outcomes.
George Neeson M.D.
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