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Talking Libs & Facts of Living

I remember listening to a single neuron firing while its owner purred. As I moved my “listener” closer, the neuron increased its rate of firing and died in a prolonged, staccato burst. White rats do something similar after you first train them to lever-press for a drop of water but then cut off the water. Rattus pushes harder and more often but also bites and slams the lever before stomping away. And men will sometimes do their most glorious deeds while they die.

The payoff, of course, is that sometimes trying harder turns the water back on, lets you live long enough in a battle to get back home, or wins an election. Trying harder can also establish connections between an apparent loser and a set of friends. If the connection fails, the neuron dies, the human dies, and the social clique splinters. Such things are called “apoptosis,” “suicide,” or “political evolution.”

The libs – verbally trapped by their own histories – yell a lot and demand that we be nicer to them. They and the MSM also know that they could be dying for lack of attention, dollars, and votes.

Ignore their protests, cut off their assets, and watch their organizations splinter or – if lucky – become more conservative! As long as they are yelling, we are winning!

Michelle Malkin: Climate of Hate

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