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Default Re: Shame theory and Gestalt therapy

OK, here is what I think about "talking down to others".

In most cases, what is taken as "talking down to others" is actually the opposite-- it is actually showing respect.

That's because the 'talker' actually believes that the 'listener' is smart enough to understand all the "intellectual jargon, and big terms".

So it's actually not (usually) insulting at all, but quite the contrary, is a sign of respect.

The other danger is, if a group buys into the "talking in intellectual concepts is abusive" theory, that can actually pull down (and stifle and repress) the level of discussion. Very costly.

Something very valuable gets sacrificed, just to make sure that no one gets 'offended' by intellectual talk.

Originally Posted by Brian O'Neill View Post
The lack of response has prompted me to pose a question which might stimulate discussion. Is there a shame phenomenon at work here in the field of the Gestalt forum?

Some previous writers have suggested that there is a degree of people "talking down" to others... I could view this as a feeling of shame that some people are feeling disconnected... what do others think?

Do these sort of forum and this one in particular, promote feelings of shame or disconnection by talking in jargon or taking an intellectual high ground, and to what extent is this percieved an intended..

Also... what do we mean by the word shame... is that a useful word for people here... does it at times describe your experience...

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