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Default Re: Why didn't Dr. Erickson write a book?

Well, I don't know the answer to the 'what if' questions. He started ASCH and put a huge amount of energy into it. I don't think the 'norm' back in those days for to write a book. If you were scientifically minded you put papers in refereed journals. That is what he did. Book writing is sort of a more modern vanity, I suppose. Not to malign Freud, Adler, Jung, Charcot, Reick, etc., but folks like Fromm, and May, and Maslow, and Roger, all by-passed the peer review stage by writing books. Perhaps Erickson wanted the more difficult scientific/acedemic path to validate the work he did (that otherwise was controversial to say the least). There is no money in chapters and papers...books create revenue. He was not materialistic...just scientific. Maybe Jeff Zeig has a take on this?
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