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About Aspergers...I don't have it, but do have NLD, which has similarities, and often responds to the same treatment.

I've been doing EMDR now, on and off, for about a year and a half. It is still puzzling if it is working as I don't get the giant breakthroughs or relief from trauma I've read about in books. The same thoughts and images keep coming back with all sorts of target statements. What I have noticed is it helps me make new connections, kind of stream-of-consciousness thoughts. For people with LD, the structure is very reassuring, and the focus on body sensations is excellent for people like myself, who are more in their heads.

The EMDR has made no impact on the NLD itself, but it has helped me connect past memories to current experiences and perceptions.

About your patient with Aspergers, people with LDs often have central nervous system damage, which can cause them to react differently than expected to treatments. Aspergers also has the challenge of not being tuned into feelings or the names of feelings....that's where body sensations are useful. Personally, I'd give it a try for a few sessions, and see if there's a difference. My therapist started me off with mini sessions--15 or 20 minutes. The full length sessions leave me exhausted.

Do keep us posted.

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