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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

TomJ: We can do nothing but what our brains tell us to do.
Hey Tom, maybe you could explain, and “prove” (as you yourself are so fond of demanding) exactly how and what it is that tells “our brains” what to “tell us to do” (something more that just the typical superficial mention of evolved emergence from neurons and the natural selection of algorithms, neurotransmitters, etc.); and also explain who this “us” is if not “our brains” (in which case I guess you’ll start saying that our brains tell our brains what to do); and also explain, and “prove,” how it is that “our brains” also manage to trick “our brains” and/or “us,” including the most gifted and productive scientists and thinkers among us, currently and throughout human history, into thinking that we do indeed have some amount of freewill and moral responsibility, and how it is that you yourself know better, even though you yourself would have to be an automaton just like all the rest of us. Hello?
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