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Default Re: Vegas hypnotist -is this for real?

Ohh, but that is why Dr. Reid said not to confuse stage shows with real hypnotic work.

Hypnotism in its pure form is really incredibly simple, and we all participate in it every day in some form or another. Good sales people use it, advertisement use it, the TV - dont even get me started on the tv... or the news for that matter....

Hypnotism is based on people being suggestible - ie you can get them to imagine something is real well enough that it becomes real for them.

A few years back I got into my car to go to work in the morning, and the radio talk show hosts had a hypnotist on the show. He was trying to explain how essentially simple hypnotism is.

He obviously knew that one of the radio hosts were easy to set off when it came to giggling. So in the middle of the conversation with the two radio show hosts the hypnotist told the one female host that he didnt think she would able to read the news, because she would be giggling.

Just that little suggestion to her, got her imagining having a giggle fit when trying to read the news.

Of course - when it came time to read the news the poor woman was in stitches laughing so hard. It was fairly comical to listen to, but it didnt sound all too pleasant for the radio host.

Whenever she tried to compose herself the hypnotist would say "see what I said, it really is impossible to read when you laugh so hard" or something similar to that. This started up the giggle fit again.

THis is VERY different from actually affecting a lasting change in someone with some real work.

The next day the radio talk show host could read the news with no trouble, so there wasnt a lasting effect to the suggestions imposed by the hypnotist.

Affecting lasting change in smokers is notoriously not easy..... And a totally different hypnotic ball game.

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