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Default Re: Vegas hypnotist -is this for real?

Hey Russ,

The short answer here is - I really dont know. *grinning*, But I do have a few thoughts on it.

Hypnotism is not "failsafe", and some people are a lot easier to hypnotize than others. There is basically a scale with some people being extremely easy to hypnotize, and a few people being completely impossible to hypnotize - with the majority falling in between of course.

For those who are extremely easy to hypnotize there are certain character traits that more or less goes with that ability. The same goes with the ones that are impossible to hypnotize.

So here are my thoughts on shows like the one you say.

1. It is entirely possible that several, all or some of the targets where hired by the hypnotist. Lets not kid ourselves - its a show and nothing more.

2. I can actually imagine a skilled hypnotist learning to gage the people in the audience and fairly accurately find the ones that are easier to hypnotize. I would think he then has some folks he knows or maybe even hires, and that he always knows he can count on if he doesnt think he sees someone hypnotizable enough.

As Dr. Reid said there is a HUGE difference between ethical and skilled hypno-therapists, and the people doing shows like that.

As you - I certainly dont feel comfortable with a hypnotist using his knowledge and skills for entertainment like that. Its pretty disgusting, and definitely questionable. If the person in the audience agree's to participate though, then I dont think there is anything illegal about it.

Da Friendly Puter Tech
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