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Default Re: CBT for Insomnia

I've done a little reading in this area since the topic was posted, and I thought I'd pass along another recommendation.

"Beliefs About the Utility of Presleep Worry: An Investigation of Individuals with Insomnia and Good Sleepers."
Harvey, Allison, G.
Cognitive Therapy & Research; Aug2003, Vol. 27 Issue 4, p403, 12p

A very interesting read. Here's the short version: Patients with insomnia seem to believe that presleep worrying has more utility than those without insomnia. In other words, insomniacs are more likely to believe that worrying about things in bed before sleeping will have a good outcome (i.e. sort things out, prepare for the future, emotionally process things, etc.). According to the author, "The results of the present study suggest that positive beliefs about the benefits of worrying during the presleep period are characteristic of insomnia and may serve to maintain the disorder."

I think the gut-reaction of a CB therapist might be to look at the cognitive distortions of the patient's thoughts before they go to sleep. I could be off-the-mark here, but this article would seem to suggest that it might be more effective to actually deal with the client's thoughts about those thoughts. In other words, to challenge the patient's belief that entertaining those thoughts actually does them good, regardless of their content.

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