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Default Re: Understanding Obsessive-compulsive Disorder

Re: whether this patient's perfectionism is more OCPD than OCD, I think that's a very good question that I may have overlooked. Then again, I'm not sure the treatment would differ a lot; whether refractory OCD or OCPD, tackling underlying assumptions and core beliefs would likely be part of it. Also, exposure presumably could help with both conditions.

I haven't seen Grayson's book, but sounds like it's worth getting. I guess I've held off buying yet more OCD books, since I have self help manuals by Steketee and by Hyman and Pedrick, as well as Foa and Wilson's "Stop Obsessing". My favorite currently is Hyman and Pedricks manual - does anyone have that one and also Grayson's, and if so, how do they compare?
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