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Default Re: Implications of Somatic Behavior Choice

[TomJ, Originally Posted by Fred H.] Well MM, that is clearly what you yourself believe—that the only reason our military is there is, as you allege, for “killing Iraqi civilians,” and to “seek revenge for Iraq’s role in 9/11”—and you somehow have managed to project that belief unto American soldiers.

[TomJ to Fred] Yikes, it looks like I'll have to agree with Fred on this one.
Hmmm, well, since Margaret seems to be MIA, perhaps your concurrence, Tom, has effected what you’ve accused me of having caused, all by myself, in times past (as noted in your 2/16/06 post below, to MM no less, at
[TomJ to MM on 2/16/06] However, before he frustrates you out of this forum as he did so many others….
However Tom, you also more or less accused me of having frustrated Carey—Margaret’s “fawning undergrad psych student”—among others, out of the forum, and he’s still around. But still, your concurrence with me—resulting from your, using MM’s words, “strong identity-based emotions?”—was probably hard on someone of MM’s ideology, so perhaps now you, Tom, have permanently frustrated MM, our Somatic Behavior Choice guru, out of this forum. Congratulations.
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