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Default Intensive Training in Cognitive Therapy. Cleveland, 10/07 - 7/08

The Clinical Practice of Cognitive Therapy is an intensive training program designed to meet the needs of practicing mental health professionals. It has been presented in Cleveland, Ohio annually since 1984. The faculty are James Pretzer, Ph.D. (the moderator of this forum) and Barbara Fleming, Ph.D., both Founding Fellows of The Academy of Cognitive Therapy.

The program meets 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., one day a month (either Fridays or Saturdays) for 10 months starting in October. It consists of a sequence of four seminars, totaling 69.5 contact hours. The seminars cover both the basic principles of Cognitive Therapy and the application of these principles to the treatment of depression, suicidality, anxiety disorders, personality disorders, and other problems. The program combines didactic presentations, discussion, video-taped demonstrations, practice in using of Cognitive techniques, and consultation regarding the application of Cognitive Therapy in clinical practice. Successful completion of this program meets the academic requirements for certification by the Academy of Cognitive Therapy.

Brochures with detailed information about the program are mailed annually in mid-July. To make sure that you recieve a copy, email your mailing address to

Note: If you live too far from Cleveland for it to be practical for you to travel to Cleveland once a month, it may be possible for us to offer this program in your area. If it is possible to assemble a group of 20-25 mental health professionals who want to register for a training program, we should be able to travel to your area to present it for about the same fee as we would charge to present the program in Cleveland (and the organizer attends free of charge). For details, contact Jim Pretzer at
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