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Default Re: Can hypnosis lead me to having a gambling problem?

That is very sweet of you to say I was the 'voice of reason' - I should be so lucky. But thanks.

Gilligan's comments are probably a pretty accurate account of whatever that event was. It is quite vague so I don't know what it was that happened or how to really interpret of judge it. It sounds like he means something a little x-files-like happened. And, hey, spooky stuff does happen in this world why not...? Our scientific explanations have a long way to go in certain areas and especially those that involve subtle communications and also things we lump into categories like "chance" and "intuition" and, worse, "esp" and so on. I very confident that human communication is affected by variable that are well beyond the limits of our instrumentation and our capabilities for measurement. I rather fear that it will be that that situation may remain for decades. Nevertheless, as professionals we all need to be careful what we present and what others may infer about therapy, hypnosis, and so on. Yet, when you are in a spot-light some of what you say will get 'spun' in a way you didn't wish.
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