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Default EMDR and child's habitual lying

We adopted our now 16 year old daughter internationally at the age of almost 6. Our continued struggle has been her lying, which began as soon as she could speak English and has continued to the present. We can't believe much of anything she says, including important things and everyday not so important things. Sometimes her lying is so incredibly obvious, yet she persists in the lie despite all evidence against it. Her IQ is in the upper 80's. She has no memories of her life before adoption. She was in an orphanage for the year prior to adoption. Prior to that, the details are sketchy, but we know there was much neglect, and that both parents eventually abandoned her. We expect her lying to shipwreck every aspect of her life if she does not change. Is she a possible candidate for EMDR? Can anyone share experience from a similar experience? Thanks so much!
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