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Default Re: The crux of diagnosis

Originally Posted by Cruelfate
..I for one know for absolute certain that unseen spirits (eg. of the dead) ABOUND in this creation (99% believe in life after death).
Originally Posted by Anna Freud
.. People in mainline churches hardly believe in the spirit world.Sad to say.
That's 100% erroneous.. if they believe in a spiritual afterlife then that's a belief in a spiritual otherworld -- same difference, Miss Bashful Believer. At least 80% of this planet's peoples believe in some sort of afterlife and/or deities ruling destiny. Think. It all boils down to the same corroboration, my orig premise.

Originally Posted by Anna Freud
..I doubt that you will find anyone to believe in spirits in this forum, but I do.
'Just goes to further corroborate what I'm saying about THE CRUX OF DIAGNOSIS {Thread} Or maybe you only believe in the kind of Spirit Realm that places YOU in an Ivory Tower -- some astral plane that excludes all but you and your elitist cronies. That's eminently in line with UBL's constructs.

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