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Originally Posted by Jacqueline
I personally do believe in Spirit, I do not believe all Spirits are bad!
It's been over two thousand years since Jesus died on the cross, a supposed watershed event. Yet the slaughter of innocents goes on unabated; that's right, U*N*A*B*A*T*E*D. And you think there's such a thing as a good spirit? Wake the hell up! All the spirit world cares about is the perpetuation of injustice, so that karma will be unending, and The Creation never runs out of steam. They (spirits) lap it up when children are maimed, mutilated, molested and murdered.

No, if the Nazi's don't flinch as six million (or more) innocents are slaughtered, then I wouldn't flinch a bit if six billion get slaughtered, ie. the entire population. It reeks, these Earthlings, this humankind... just reeks. You had your pinnacle, your Ronald Wilson Reagan, as everyone oohed and ahhed as the man with the 666 name was mortally wounded and yet survived. You had your satisfaction, your ultimate buzz-on. Now good stinking riddance, and leave this beautious planets to the animals and to the plants. Leave this Creation, you Satanic species, for you've accomplished nothing whatsoever of value.
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