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Arrow More, a very little more, on heritability and IQ

1) Linda Gottfredson gives a challenging summary of the "genes for" research on intelligence. You will find the behavior genetics crowd to be the most cautious bunch you will ever meet: they rather find their own mistakes than be discredited.

2) The peculiar, and it is peculiar, heat that surrounds the topic of heritability and IQ seems to be another expression of "white guilt." Shelby Steele's small book is finely chiseled although I have a different explanation for the same phenomenon. Read Gottfredson and Steele and get back to me.

3) Rev. Terry Anderson, a preacher and talk-show host who calls himself black, exclaims, "White people are stupid!" To the contrary, too much IQ is a selective handicap. (See above.) Haldane's remarks about crabs apply to intelligence: "The geological record is full of cases where the development of enormous horns and spines (sometimes in the male sex only) has been the prelude to extinction. It seems probable that in some of these cases the species literally sank under the weight of its own armaments." Haldane, 1932, 65.

It's happening again, right now, but benefits Hispanics and Muslims...



Gottfredson L (1994) Mainstream Science on Intelligence, Wall Street Journal, Dec. 13, A18. (Also available at : lists her papers. She's on Wiki -

Steele, Shelby (2006/2007) White Guilt: How Blacks and Whites Togehter Destroyed the Promise of the Civil Rights Era. NY: Harper Collins. (The later edition is in paper.)
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