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Question CT and intellectual ability/literacy

Hi all,
I'm curious about peoples thoughts on the use of CT with differing levels of intellectual ability and literacy. A quick look at the literature indicates it can be useful with learning disorders when the material is adapted; not much on intellectual disability though and I did not see anything on comparing the utility of CT for people below average IQ, average, above average, etc. Is it more effective with super smart people than your average Joe? A quick search on CT and literacy pulled up no results.

In speaking with colleagues (psychologists and non-psychologists), the assumption seems to be that those who are 'below average IQ' are inappropriate for any cognitive work and all interventions must be behavioural. This is usually based on the assumption that the person is 'below average' - no real evidence to back it up.

My thoughts are it can be useful with a variety of people but must be adapted to the individual. There are, after all, CT programs for children so why can't these methods be applied to adults also. There are going to be limits of course to the utility of CT but my feeling is it is a pretty flexible approach - just a matter of being creative.
(PS. I'm just using 'IQ' for descriptive purposes)
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