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Default Re: The crux of diagnosis

I was interested in reading your post! You obviously have very strong views on the subject.
I personally do believe in Spirit, I do not believe all Spirits are bad!
It is a very difficult situation in treating people whom complain of hearing voices or perhaps Spirits! If it is Spirits talking, then we need to look at the content of conversation! are they helpful, or theatening? We also need to look at the persons way of life, do they live a truly spiritual life? If they do not, then I feel it would be most difficult to treat them in a spiritual way. You have to be open and wanting a spiritual path in life. It isn't something you can just do, without your heart being in it.
Unfortunately, at this moment in time, Psychiatry doesn't make space for "Spiritual Phenomena" there isn't the understanding, so we have to do what we can to help people who suffer from hearing voices. Yes, that does mean medication, but they are not made into zombies or vegeatables, they are treated professionally, with medication, and at times that does sometimes mean that they have to try different types to find one that is suitable.
Just as I feel you feel that healthcare for these individuals is out of balance, I also feel that you too are in danger of being out of balance, not everyone who hears voices is necessarily hearing Spirits.
I personally feel that everyone should be looked at as a seperate individual, without judgment or labeling and that appropriate healthcare should be given based on the individuals personal needs.

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