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Default Re: The Political Brain - More Evidence of Evolved Psychology

Tom: Through these studies, we CAN realize that most of our beliefs ARE pure emotion!!!
Congratulations Tom. Looks like you’ve finally more or less acknowledged that we humans “CAN” indeed cognitively/consciously discern reality/truth and behave accordingly . . . but a little caution might be judicious here—I don’t think the tentative inferences from these studies makes utopia a slam-dunk quite yet.

I am encouraged that while on the one hand you seem to appreciate the influence of emotion on our conscious reasoning and behavior, it seems that you now also are beginning to grasp that we humans also “CAN” discern reality and truth and also “CAN” choose to behave accordingly . . . and hopefully this will soon lead you to more fully comprehending and acknowledging the reality of human moral responsibility. Oh happy day.
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