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Default The crux of diagnosis

The one primary glaring mistake that psychoanalysts make is that when a patient complains of "hearing voices", those voices are attributed as a hallucination of the patient's mind. But that conclusion may be nonsequitor. All of the various Popes have claimed to receive/hear spiritual messages, and Psych has no right to mandate allegiance to atheism. I for one know for absolute certain that unseen spirits (eg. of the dead) ABOUND in this creation (99% believe in life after death). Those spirits are *filthy* busybodies -- much like real humans are, always covetous of getting their lousy fingers into every darn pie and influencing every danged mind they can. The words and phrasings they come up with are FAR too intricate and MUCH too uncharacteristic (of the listener) to be concoctions of the listener's head.

So, I for one am NOT an atheist, and it's unfortunate that we live in such a busybody's paradise; but the SAD fact remains: FOLKS ARE BEING WILLFULLY AND KNOWINGLY VICTIMIZED BY HAUNTING SPIRITS.

Maybe strong meds can abate the violations experienced, but ONLY at the IMMENSE EXPENSE of turning the patient's life into a miserable uh, torpor... or uh, turning the patient into a veritable unfeeling unlively zombie.
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