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Wink Re: Shame theory and Gestalt therapy

Hey Brian,

To expand on the Primary school comment...Let me see, what was I saying? I suppose I can draw a parallel with the ability to hold a 'naive view' bracketing our judgemments so to not cluter our perception. I see my school experience in my formative years, as a process in chasing the 'childlike view' out of you and replacing that with facts and figures that are at the time very difficult to locate as meaningful. Meaningful to the teachers it seemed but not to me in 'my world'. So I guess a low grade shame begins as in what gave me meaning was with authority told to me to be naughty, bad or dis-obediant...what about what was on offer at school was on the whole 'boring' to a fertile mind. So how might I distil this... The process of introjecting what another experiences as meaningful can shame that which is the opposite, if the ability to 'spit out' does not occur.

Am I making meaning...

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