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Hi John,

I really enjoyed this article.

I think another reason why on-line therapy can be most helpful, is the fact that it is easier to "open up" to a "stranger". It lessens the emotional risk involved. A lot of people feel daunted at the thought of discussing their personal problems with someone in person. Also, I feel that just the act of "writing" and reading what they have written is very helpful. Sometimes it is just easier to get your thoughts down on paper than to try an verbalize them. I also feel that it makes one's thoughts and feelings less abstarct and easier to understand.

I am part of a cross dressing peer to peer support group, as my hubby is a cross dresser. I joined to try and assist some of the wives with their fears and concerns, as I am ok with his cross dressing. I have found that the support and encouragement on this forum to be exceptional. I just don't think we would have the same openess in a public group.

Thanks for the great read I strive to learn something new everyday
Blessings Eternal,
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