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Default Re: Working with "normal" subjects...

First of all "working" with implies some goal. Well I guess that's a normal human experience. So I don't think your going to find any normal people willing to sit and be guided into trance, unless they get something out of it. The psyche students, that you mentioned, are probably interested experiencing their own psyches, so that's a possible catch.

Otherwise you could advertise at the golf course or tennis club (are golfers and tennis players normal??) something about free hypnosis to improve concentration. Come to think of it, artists and art students, theatre majors, writers would all likely be interested in "going deeply into their psyches". Salespeople: Hypnosis to rebalance after a day of rejection. An add in the local newspaper: free hypnosis for stress relief. Some of these people then might become clients.

Have fun with it, Jim,

Stuart Moore
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