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Default Re: Donald Mosher and dimensions of sexuality

I suppose I shall reply to my own thread. The model used by Mosher has been useful in counseling. I came across the model in Schnarch's book, The Sexual Crucible. Mosher divides psychological response into 3 levels.
First is the Trance Level, which seems to be the simple and basic physical attraction.
Second is Role Enactment. I prefer to call this an Identity stage. The suggestion here seems to be that we all bring a sense of role-play, or identity, to the sexual experience, and, as well, we take one away. We may be acting out our secret, inner hero, charmer, conquerer, rescuer, etc. Perhaps we are acting out our inner "John Wayne" or our inner "Alan Alda". Certainly, the identity we truly bring to, and take away, is more complex, but this gives the basic idea.
Third, is the level of Connection. Few people seem to really reach this level. It takes on the real self of both people, the naked souls, and expresses the oneness of the spiritual relationship of the two people.
Exploring the meaning that a person, and a couple might find in these ways of naming the experience has helped clients clarify and find more and clearer expression.

The ancient Rabbis would say- True sex is when the spirits finally get to embrace and feel what it is like to be physical, and when the bodies finally get to feel what it is like to be spiritual and free.

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