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Default Re: "Even my thoughts are wrong..."

Dear Julia
I think there are several possible avenues you could try. Depending on your familiarity with the case, you are in the best position to know which one has more potential.
First I would like to know what your client means by ' not having a strong enough mind' . If she means to say that it is possible that she has ' cognitive errors ' (Beck's term), then I would ask her what errors she thinks she is making. Now assuming that she concedes making erronuous assumptions, I would explore with her if she can accept herself as a fallible person= that it is human to make mistakes. If she cannot accept herself as a fallible person, then this is something to work on first. (Ellis REBT would be helpful in this case). Only after this, I would explore with her the errors she thinks she makes and ask her which ones she wants to focus on and hopefully change.
A second , related, possibility: according to new research by CBT therapists in Oxford, ( Teasdale, Williams, Segal) for people who relaps in depression is, a mindfulness based cognitive therapy might be more indicated then classical CBT. I do not know if this is the first time your client is depressed. If not, then maybe consider a mindfulness based approach. The book by Teasdale et al offers an excellent format for working with depressed clients ( Guilford Press 2002).
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