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Originally Posted by Fred H.
conviction that human life is somehow unique, that it has inherent value, meaning, and purpose; and that there is some sort of objective truth, some sort of objective right and wrong, good and bad
Yes, Atheists have all of those things. And even in a better way since they are not lead by false prophets.

Human life is unique. We alone have the fate of all the life as we know it in our hands. And I don't take that lightly. In that alone, there is meaning and purpose. And an objective truth, inspiration to do the right thing.

Beyond that, we have the appreciation of our peers to strive for along with the instinctive morals I already talked about that cause us to do what is morally right. And, of course, it will not be an Atheist that might blow up the earth so that 'god can sort us out'. We are alone, we have no god to fix what we break.

Send my condolences to your son. If he gets much of this deluded tripe from you then he may need some serious deprogramming. Maybe you can start by letting him read all of your posts and our replies.
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