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Someone recently asked me why and how it is that religion/faith is such an important factor in whom I’d vote for.

I explained that some sort of belief in Providence—some sort of faith or conviction that human life is somehow unique, that it has inherent value, meaning, and purpose; and that there is some sort of objective truth, some sort of objective right and wrong, good and bad—is, and has been, so essential and necessary in the lives of our Founding Fathers, all of our great presidents, indeed all of our presidents, and pretty much all of our good leaders.

And since atheists lack such convictions, and ultimately therefore can never be more than moral relativists or nihilists, I and most Americans will never knowingly vote for an atheist. The dismal failure of the various atheistic governments of the previous century tells us that atheists simply can’t be trusted with authority and power. It’s that straightforward and obvious.

Growing up my parents were atheists (as I was until my twenties and realized that atheism simply doesn’t work). They were nice people, stayed out of jail, had friends. They survived. But as all atheists, they lacked the necessary convictions—a belief in the intrinsic value, meaning, and purpose of human life, a belief in some sort of objective right and wrong—to ever be trusted with positions of substantial power and authority, and I’d never have voted for them.

Even if for some inexplicable reason I myself reverted back to atheism, I’d still never vote an atheist into a position of power an authority b/c history is so terribly clear—whenever there are no religious/spiritual values to serve as a mitigating factor against the excesses of state power and human behavior, and atheists are running things, things get brutal and bloody rather quickly.

I suppose it’s true that I have much contempt for atheism and so-called atheists. I prefer acknowledged nihilists.
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