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Default Re: A More Complete Spiritual Gestalt


I am ALMOST agreeing with what you write here... my exception is personal... I did not experience such a polarisation as you describe (and attribute) when I was writing the piece on spirituality... and on re-reading do still not experience what I wrote as fitting the polarity you express... I am curious how you did not see what I wrote as theistic?

I experience what I wrote on spirituality as having the space for being BOTH theistic and with a space for those who are not...

and I understand your statements about thesism and DO find this sparse in Gestalt therapy literature and conferencing...

and know from reading Jung intently that his private life as evidenced in his autibiography shows a more theistic surrender than that ascribed by others to his psychotherapy writings..

For example John Sanford quotes one of Jung's letters....

“Individuation is ultimately a religious process which requires a corresponding religious attitude – the ego-will submits to God’s will.”

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