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Default When the therapist scre

if you deny someone the right to live or be free, than you deny yourself both those rights. If you kill someone, it should be the right of the government to; kill you, imprison you, or put you to work somewhere.

Usually it is not a citizen, but the government that commits the second offence; to deny someone the right to be free. If the government stops people from voicing their beliefs and freedoms, thus destroying their right to free speech, it is the right of the people, to spill the blood of the government in an attempt to overthrow them. And if they suceed, those who did not die have the right to do the same things as the government was allowed to do to the killer; imprison, kill, or put to work.

Edit: I just realized that in the second paragraph I just described modern day Iran and Germany. There are probably more. Of course, it is the choice of the people when you get killed in Iran, and often the same is true in Germany. The fact is, people are messed up. I dislike liberal views in the since that I strongly disagree with most their beliefs, but I wouldnt kill them to keep them from taking political ground. This is often done in Germany, Iran, and Pakistan. And incase your wondering about Germany, they kill anyone who speaks out for Nazism because they want to stop it from becoming powerful again.
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