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Lightbulb Re: From the ground up ... an Adlerian primer??

I feel you have not been exposed to the real teaching of Adler's psychology but rather a derivative of the APA typology notions as seen in the DSM catalogue.
1) Adler does not speak of FOUR personal priorities but rather of the FICTIONAL GOAL OF PERCEIVED SUPERIORITY of every person. This derives from the feeling of inferiority that derives from the child's perceived personal inferiority also known as the "inferiority feeling". It is enshrined in the "private logic" of a person and is a set of childlike conclusions that have not been subjected to the scrutiny of adult logic because they are just below the level of being fully conscious.
2) Far from using the notions of Id, ego and super-ego, Adler declares a personal holism or unity that is drawn by the above goal of "fictional superiority.
3) Adler does not address a "personal priority of comfort", but speaks very much about the suffering of this inferiority feeling which can utterly be done away with when a person sees themselves as fellow beings working for the benefit of mankind ... "social interest", which becomes the single healing force for all psychological maladaptation. The "id" of Freud is nothing more than the expression of egocenticity expressed in the adult who wishes to "be on top" in any way he deems appropriate as he disregards the well being of the community of mankind. The "cookie jar" is nothing more than the child like belief in the possibilty of personality superiority. Personal superiority is not attainable. All that one can do when one sees things with encouraged adult eyes, is play ones fair role as an adult yet unique being, in the world of mankind.
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