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Default CBT and teaching/education?

Just curious, is anyone doing Cognitive behavioural therapy principles in a teaching context or helping teachers to incorporate it into lesson plans? Is it being taught to future teachers or offered as a specialist education - and where? (In my teacher training we only had basic psychology without any CBT or any clear guidelines.)
Or is this purely individual? (eg some people choose to be both teachers and therapists and pursue the necessary education for both).

It could be really helpful for teachers (as teaching can be very stressful) and for students as 'prevention'.

I can see for example 'room' for CBT techniques to be presented in language classes or in art or drama in education... There are 'crossover' books for humanistic psychology and language teaching (kids really enjoyed some of those exercises!) and for NLP (=neuro linguistic psychology) and language teaching - just curious if materials with CBT exist already?

Of course the 'more difficult cases' would be sent to specialists, I think a bigger percentage of kids could be introduced to the basics of CBT and this could have a good effect on society as a whole...

What are your thoughts on this?
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