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Question I want to support the woman I'm involved with.

She's had a lot of mistreatment in her life, which I won't go into in depth on a public forum. But she suffers from PTSD, and dissociative states, she has a hard time trusting others (so do I). She means so very much to me, I talk to her and listen when she chooses to discuss her past, It can be hard for me to hear the things shes been through, but next to her trials that is nothing.
I want to hurt the people that hurt her, even though some of them are long dead, when I get pissed about it I explain to her that it's NOT her I'm upset with.. it's the idea that people could treat another person that way, especially her.

She's going to try to get into EMDR therapy, and from what I've read it seems very.. loosely defined, I'm concerned that it might be some sort of scam, or could damage her more. I haven't mentioned my concern about it to her because she seems very hopeful in the treatment.

I never believed in soulmates before, but she feels like exactly that to me.
What can I do to try to help her further?

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