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Wink OCD and CBT

I was a cognitive researcher for years as I have a grad degree in this area.
I had 2 experiences with ocd prior to my current situation. Early childhood was treated with exposure response with no relapse. Well doing my disertation I developed ocd again. I treated myself with exposure response therapy and no relapse until 15 yrs. later after giving birth for the first time. Both previous occurrences lasted only 1 month. I am working with a specialist who was successful through thought stopping for all my obsessions. I had 5 to start with. These are all typical- word repitition, song repetition, body obsession etc. I have always had only obsessions no compulsions. I concurrently am being treated with high dose of zoloft as I also suffered post partum depression. I currently have only one compulsion with no obsession. I mentally see the spelling of certain words in my head when someone is speaking or I am mentally thinking to myself. I have tried distraction through focusing on the conversation, picturing a color, ignoring it etc. I have had no success because I do not understand the reason behind the occurrence and it has no sequence. I do not know how to do exposure therapy or even any other type. I have also tried doing math in my head while speaking. The therapist says ignoring it will make it go away. Any suggestions not tried would be appreciated. The therapist works basically from the book Brain Lock by Schwartz.
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