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Default Re: free will, determinism, and morality

MM: Tom is just saying, and I would agree, that people may do bad things, but ultimately they can only do what their minds dictate. Every behavior decision is the result of some negotiations that occur between the neurons and chemicals in the brain - and those are there because of genetics and that person's experiences in life - just like that dog's are.
Yeah MM, I get it—it’s your and Tom’s view that we humans, “ultimately,” are no more “morally responsible” than dogs, or any other animal for that matter; and guys like Hitler, Stalin, etc., were, ultimately, doing only what their “minds dictate.” And from what I’ve observed, I don’t doubt that you both embrace that core belief; although, thru some bizarre twist of logic, you both, generally, will not hesitate to somehow hold me (and others) responsible for whatever view/behavior that I/others may have that is contrary to whatever you happen to deem appropriate/reasonable. Go figure.

Nevertheless, I suspect that most of the civilized world will never truly buy into the half-ass notion that we humans are “ultimately” no more morally responsible than dogs; and —except in the case of children, animals, machines, and/or the truly insane—I suspect that most of the civilized world will continue to hold humans morally responsible for their behavior.
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