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Unread July 19th, 2011, 04:04 PM
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My dear, u do not understand.
I worked in the field of Medical Hypnosis for over a quarter of a century, spanning all schoolds of Hypnosis, from east to west, US and western to Soviet, persian, Arab and eastren. And I am sure u dont even know about the existence of most of those. So, stop lecturing about some guy or society cooking some new kind of soup...
the guys here left the forum because what they have is obsolete and useless compared to other non-hypnotic techniques. Even the conscious-subconscious supposition is not a valid one anymore. Plus, the proclaimed wonderful results acheived through hypnosis r not as rosy as it is claimed.
Obviously, ur knowledge is theoretical, with no in depth experience to back any claims. U seem to have some theoretical knowledge about Hypnosis that did not deliver much, but u think u might have a guy who might be able to deliver what u couldnt...
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