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Default EMDR: sometimes it just clicks

I would like to pass along some of my experience as a client to those of you who are facilitators and those of you who are feeling EMDR may not be working. Along with psychotherapy, cognitive-behavioral therapy, and a lot of patients from my psychologist, we have been using EMDR (hand taps) since August 2004 to process through childhood molestation by my father. I was hopeful, but doubtful, that my status was improving. In fact, my psychologist says "two steps forward, one step back" I say one step forward two steps back.
So many things have been confusing and not having a frame of referrence due to the abuse, I was beginning to wonder what therapy was all about. But one day recently, something he said three months ago just made sense. Then other things he said made sense. It's as though I finally found a foundation in which to stand upon.
I absolutely despise EMDR but, without it, I can't imagine having this oppertunity to actually EXPERIENCE life. Survival has been my experience for 36 years. Now, through a great facilitator/psychologist, new hope and belief in all those who work with adult children of sexual abuse, I am starting to live and understand what it means to be alive.
To those who are using EMDR, THANK YOU. I wonder if the world will ever know how much was taken, and how much you're giving back. I still have a ways to go, DID - what a weird concept that is to swallow. But, one day,I hope to awake to a new world. Thank you all for your research, support, belief.
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