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Hi.My name is Sam and i used these 2 affirmations 3 months ago(i love myself for self-respect and i am part of god everything is possible because i am part of god to remove fear).they were successful for self recpect and to remove fear but for some reason they have popped my ego up, in other words before I use to calm and humble and never use to get affected by anything but now i feel like i am the greatest,i get offended very easily, get angry EASILY, and i dont like this aspect and i never use to be like this..
I want to get rid of my this new bahaviour and become humble, down to earth and remain unaffectted my words and attitudes.i tried these affirmation (i am nothing and i am worthless), but they don't seem to be working.can some one tell me what affirmation would remove this feeling and reduce my ego, or what would be a similar affirmation to" I am nothing"
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