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Default Re: Abuse of counseling by sherrif

Well.... it depends on what is actually going for this person.

For instance there are many alcoholics who are in denial of being alcoholics, and who has not been brought before a court of law, or who has not been found guilty by a court of law of being alcoholics. That does not make them any less alcoholized, or their denial any less real.

It really comes down to the question - which is the truth? Does this youth have some problems and are in denial of what they are or them even being there? Or is the psychologist completely off base.........

Legally, I have no idea what the sherif's department can get away with, maybe you should ask a private lawyer.

It might also be interesting to get a second opinion by a psychologist that you hire. Such a person is most interested in their own clients best interest.

Denial can be a catch 22 when used inappropriately. It can also be a very helpful concept when used appropriately.

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