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Default Re: Moving Forensic Patients from Institution to Community

I live in Ohio. The state has something they call "The Mentally Retarded Bill of Rights." This does not allow for any restraint except what is referred to as "the basket hold."

I will certainly subscribe to your post. Sadly, I have felt so powerless in this situation. I am not a state employee. When I briefly worked for the state, there were 1600 residents in this hoispital and 1200 staff. Now, there is less than 100. The rest, as you know, have been put in "the least restricted environment."

Sadly, the people who are left are the people who could no funtion in any community. In one of the group homes in the area a staff member was killed. (Why they would staff this facility with only one person especially at night bewilders me.)

As you know there is power in numbers so I will gladly join in any effort you make toward resolving this situation! Thank you!
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