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Default Re: Moving Forensic Patients from Institution to Community

I agree with everything you said. However, in reality, at least in this state, there is very limited, if any, support. The Community Mental Health Centers are being reduced and downsized. I agree that non-professionals should not be making these decisions.

A violent individual was recently released to a group home in this area. He murdered the only attendant on duty. I cannot understand why a group home would provide only one attendant but, unfortunately, they do. It is an extremely low paying job, barely minimum wage. The hours are long and the staff may be left alone with 15 people. There is a professional on duty at all times but, in this case, there was no one who could call.

The individual is back in the state hospital.

Another concern I have is that in this state there is a mental retardation bill of rights. The people who work in this part of the local state hospital are not allowed to restrain and not allowed to use medication. I see one person who had her finger bit off. Another had her teeth knocked out and her hair pulled out.

The people I see in therapy tolderate this because the job pays more than anything else available in this area. Plus, they have great benefits.

I would like to hear your thoughts on this! Thanks!
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